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May 28th, 2010

The Betelnut Killers

On Wednesday evening I went to the launch of a book that started life as a screenplay, and will very soon be turned back into a screenplay, when it is made into a film. Exciting stuff.

My friend Anita Vasudeva invited me along to the launch, because the author, Manisha Lakhe, is a good friend and they both are part of a very successful online writing forum.

Manisha was very funny, quite irreverent (how did you know that no-one involved in the making of “Kites” wasn’t in the audience, Manisha ?) and is clearly heading for fame and glory when her book becomes a Bollywood film.

There, you read it here first.  Watch out for “The Betel Nut Killers.”

2 comments to The Betelnut Killers

  • manisha

    i hope you enjoy the book as well. it’s never going to win any literary awards, but i hope it wins a few hearts. please review. thanks 🙂

  • christine

    Ah, but think of the Bollywood film, my dear…

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