An ice rink and a wannabe

An ice rink and a wannabe

Gotta love technology. Am blogging from the lounge in Dubai airport. I’ve shopped, am eating my last crispy green apple for a while – one of the few things India doesn’t do well -and am ready to return to Delhi.

The young girl in the duty free said “Delhi. Rain, right ?’

Is it raining ?  I saw it was raining in Mumbai, but thought fog was the issue in Delhi – ah well, all will be revealed when I land at 2.40 a.m., which has to be just about the worst time to arrive anywhere.

Today I perfected my village-idiot, open-mouthed stare, as I wandered around the Dubai Mall.

What a place.

Ice rink. 22 cinemas. Biggest shopping mall in the world. Next to the Burj Dubai tower, set to be the world’s tallest building when it opens in early January.  All wildly heady stuff, but one can’t help wondering – well, this one can’t -just how many malls can a place sustain ?

Kumud, with whom I stayed, described Dubai with the delightful term “over-malled”.

I had lunch overlooking the ice rink, where a group of schoolgirls – aged about 13 or 14, I’d guess  – heads demurely covered in black scarves, were squealing and falling all over the place.  A photographer was following a little boy around, who was posing like a pro. And, and, and…I think there was a wannabe contestant for a local reality show sitting behind me.

Reality intervenes. Got to go board, and so Delhi Diary will return to its roots tomorrow. And I’ll finish the reality show gossip, I promise

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