Grey skies and word of the day

Grey skies and word of the day

I left you last in Dubai airport, running to catch my plane and leaving the “Dubai Idols” story untold.

The flight was fine, though we had a medical emergency on board, who had to be evacuated immediately on arrival. Indians are known for many things – most of them wonderful – but staying seated on a plane once it has landed is not one of them. It took quite an effort from the crew to make everyone stay seated whilst the medics came on board.

Home to a rapturous welcome from Yoda – now sporting her smart winter red & white checked coat – who clearly loves me more than anyone else in the world, since she got up at 4 a.m. to welcome me back.

Himmat left this morning for Chhachhrauli with two friends, Rajan and Vikram to fish, so I am home alone, attacking the mound of bills and papers and letters and bits and bobs that accumulate when one travels. Carine, my French polo-playing friend, called me to tell me I have brought the English weather with me, and given that it’s been grey all day and is now raining, perhaps she’s right.

Anyway, let me take you back to that intriguing conversation I overheard yesterday, by the ice rink in Dubai…so, there were two women, about my age, sitting behind me and chatting in fluent but heavily accented English. One lady was wearing a black robe and headscarf (am not sure what they are called in the UAE), so I couldn’t see much of her, though her black robe was lavishly encrusted with purple and pink rhinestones.

Says other lady to the rhinestoned one, “It’s like American Idols. You sing and we judge you. If you are good enough, you go to the next round of the competition on the television.”  Then, irritatingly, I couldn’t hear for a bit – OK, I couldn’t eavesdrop – then I heard, “If it was always your dream to sing, then you should enter our competition.”

What fun. Singing competitions aimed at the middle-aged market. There’s hope for us all.

And now, fulfilling another promise – here is the fabulous article about the risks to policemen of slipping on wet leaves, which I promised when I arrived in London 2 weeks ago.  Bet you thought I’d forgotten.  Coming from free-wheeling India, the British obsession with Health & Safety borders on the ridiculous.wet leaves

I haven’t yet tackled the backlog of local papers here in Delhi, but have gleaned a few nuggets already.

First things first.  There was a heartening story on the front page of the Times of India this morning about elephants.  Well done.Eles in zoos

There was also a nice bit of phraseology – I imagine they intended to say “top brass” but I quite like this version :AI brass And now, quick drumroll, I have decided to introduce a new element to my Delhi Diary. A word of the day.

Indian English is wonderful and inventive and I love it (had to stop myself from using “preponed” when I was in England !) and I think this needs documenting, right here, in Delhi Diary. So here, for starters, is what I saw in a real estate ad today :hustle-bustleShouldn’t it be hustle and bustle ?  Yet I actually much prefer this version. So hustle-bustle is my word of the day.

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