Friday 13th & a royal burqa

Friday 13th & a royal burqa

Methinks I really did bring the English weather with me – rain, grey skies, and all very un-Indian-winter-afternoon-ey. The weather was so gloomy that I didn’t even go to the polo, even though Abhimanyu was playing.

Haven’t wasted my time this Friday 13th, though, as I have been catching up on the Indian news of the last 2 weeks.  Oh, and by the way, while I was in England, it struck me that there was virtually nothing at all about India in the British press, even though the President of India was on a state visit the first few days I was there.  There was the occasional article about cricket, but beyond that, nothing. Is it always thus, she mused ?

Inexplicably, I didn’t see the following 2 “British” stories while I was over there, so am reverse-engineering them (as it were) from the Times of India, for you to share and enjoy.

This one is a cracker.Queen burqa

Visions of HM in a rhinestoned little number, a la Dubai ice rink…The mind boggles. Well, mine does, increasingly these days.

And now for this great headline :

Cherie BlairCherie Blair01

I’ll spare you the article, except for this extarordinary remark – namely, that the divine Cherie was in India to, and I quote, empower the Indian female.  The mind boggles Mark II.

Otherwise, what has caught my fancy today ?  There was lots of good stuff in the papers – nah, not the politics or the economy, not even the cricket, but this quintessential little bit of Indian news :eunuchs

All power to their elbow. Perhaps the fabulous Cherie can help empower them ?

I have been using yesterday’s word of the day, “hustle-bustle” all day long –  and Jo Kirk even sent me an e-mail from Mauritius using it, much to my delight.  But it is time to move onto today’s word. And here it is :


Shouldn’t it be swanky ? Isn’t swank a noun ?  And, actually, apart from the Times of India, who uses swanky anyway ?

I have been short-changing you horribly on the photo of the day front, so to make amends, here is one of London looking fabulous. Swanky even._MG_0618

Apsley House.

Not Buckingham Mosque.


  1. Su S

    According to a “filler” on DSTV, swanking is a hobby where people dress up in very “stylish” clothes and parade and twirl in front of a panel of judges. A male beauty pageant – without the swimwear and the silly interview. Looked bizarre when I first saw it, and still bizarre now!

  2. kiran

    such a noisy word: swank! sort of sound that some animal or bird might make … “swank swank” she went or something similar … or … you could do a whole blog on this — things that go “swank” in the night 🙂

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