From weddings to the bush

From weddings to the bush

We have spent today coming slowly down to earth, after THE most fabulous wedding & party & reception – the works – yesterday.  Beatrice and Richard’s wedding was beautiful, moving, fun, relaxed and all round fabulous.

The weather was perfect. The bride looked gorgeous. We met up with so many of our Joburg friends, and the reception venue, the Anglo-Boer War memorial, was nothing short of spectacular.

And of course I cried, as I always do at weddings.

So, altogether a great day.

Today we took things slowly, since Hari is still quite unwell, poor thing.

Rosebank Rooftop Market in the morning – it wouldn’t be a Sunday morning in Joburg otherwise – followed by Sandton Square for lunch.  Though I think it’s now called Nelson Mandela Square.  We sat out in the sun, and I ate Mozambican prawns, and wondered, yet again, why we ever left this most marvellous of cities and most fabulous of continents.

Our plans have changed slightly, and we are now off to Botswana tomorrow, 2 whole days earlier.  Yippee.  Can’t wait.  We will leave Jozi at dawn – well, that’s the plan right now, over sundowners – which means we will be in camp in the Tuli Block  in time for sundowners tomorrow.

The only drawback of Botswana is that there is no connectivity in camp – there isn’t even electricity, if the truth be known.

But there is one hill, where sometimes you can get one bar of signal, but as to whether I will be able to post from top of said hill is a moot point. I have charged Anjulie with posting the Commonwealth Games updates on my behalf, so that you all keep abreast of the unfolding saga back in Delhi.

I will update you with my bush news as and when I can.

Mobile phone + laptop + top of hill in a game reserve…That’s the blogging challenge, my friends 🙂

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