GM aubergines

GM aubergines

Oh dear.

I have just seen, as heart-stopping, pulse-racing, so-called “Breaking News” on our local TV, that India is to allow genetically modified brinjals.  No, I cannot, I really cannot, get worked up about this, so will just have to let this issue go.

Last night, we went to a family dinner, where everyone played cards –  a Diwali tradition – with much shouting and laughter, and much winning and losing of match-sticks. Serious high rollers, bless them, these Kalsias.

Today has been technology driven.  I have now figured out how to have a small mug-shot next to my comments on my own blog. Now HOW clever is that ?  Well, it was actually Himmat who did the grunt work. I have to say that, otherwise he will doubtless post something snippy on the comments page.

It’s possibly a little rash to make wild promises, especially at such an early stage of my blogging career, but I aim to bring you one piece of deliciously Indian news every day. This headline rather tickled my fancy.egg shell

And now off to a movie at the Italian Cultural centre with my (almost) namesake Christina. Remind me to tell you my really funny story of traveling on the Delhi metro with Christina.

And my photo of the day ?  Well, it is this rather incomprehensible sign I saw just near the otherwise swish Citywalk.

No parking for bedrooms ?


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