The things you can’t buy in Delhi

The things you can’t buy in Delhi

I decided that this rather odd article from the front page (no less) of today’s Times of India can be classified as retail therapy.

Sort of.

I love the outraged blogger !

And for non Hindi speakers “ek hi to baat hai” means “they are the same thing” – hence her fury.

Other stuff not available is :

All rather bizarre.


  1. Heather

    Apparently Johnson & Johnson has seen fit to discontinue OB tampons globally. They cite surveys that reveal women don’t like to actually have to touch their own naughty bits. I say it’s absurd. I hope The Diva cup or the Keeper can be sucessfully marketed in India. They are the only truly environmentally friendly options. But sorry, ladies – they don’t come with a plastic applicator!

  2. Maeve

    I’d like to buy central heating for my house. Would gladly trade my stockpiled cough syrup and ear buds should anyone have an extra supply of heat (hot water bottles don’t count – I have those stockpiled too).

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