On the way to physio…

On the way to physio…

…I drive 3 times a week past the pretty Lal Gumbad in Malviya Nagar.  A few days ago, I finally stopped and visited this pretty monument which is, as is so often the case in this historic city of ours, in need of some TLC.  It was being used as a cricket pitch –  despite a notice expressly forbidding it –  and a siesta venue, and a place for hanging out the washing, and an all-round playground.

Here are a few photos, typical of any visit to any monument in Delhi.

Child playing in ruins (please note complete disregard for Health & Safety – one of India’s great achievements)

Looks puzzled as I take photo

Older, more savvy child leaps into the frame

And makes the little one pose for me

And, by the way, this is a new section I am trying out, showcasing my photo of the day. Or, in the case of this inaugural post, photos of the day.

It’s all part of the mental build-up to knuckling down to work on my photo website.

Next year.

i.e. tomorrow.

Yes, 2011 is the year when I will finally get my on-line photo library up and running.  There.  I have committed to it in cyberspace, so now I must see it through.

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