It has been a quiet, peaceful Sunday, with precious little bloggable news in the papers.  I think everyone is tired after new year – which apparently was fairly accident-free & drunk-driving-less in Delhi, which is great news.  Looks like the aggressive policing campaign worked.  Well done all round.

Right, so what did I find for you that is blog-worthy on this cold shivery Sunday ?

Well, the beautiful Aishwarya Rai is apparently stunned that skin lightening issues still exist in India.

Clearly she hasn’t been to her local corner shop lately then, where you can not only buy “Fair and Lovely” for women, but also something along the lines of Fair and Handsome (or somesuch) for men too.  Advertised by another big Bollywood star, John Abraham.  But I guess the gorgeous Aishwarya doesn’t get to do much browsing in the shopping aisles.

Anyway, dear, yes, skin lightening creams are still very much on sale in India. And very much marketed.

Great photo in the Times of India – the kind you really, really wished you could have taken :

Today has been bitterly cold, and so hats off to pretty little Sanam who wore a strapless wedding dress today.  If she looked cold, she certainly didn’t show it, just smiled radiantly throughout the whole service & photo session on the church steps afterwards.

Looks like someone else was getting married today, if this marigold draped bus next to me in the traffic at Saket is anything to go by :

One day, I have to find where all those marigold plantations are, that supply the never-ending demand for the flowers that are so much a part of any Indian festivity.

My Photo of the Day in the newly inaugurated section of this blog, is also wedding-related : it is of the pretty church in a quiet Delhi street, where Sanam and Nikhail got married this afternoon.  But the photo wasn’t taken today, as the deep blue sky testifies…

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