Freezing in Delhi

Freezing in Delhi

Oh, my goodness, but it’s cold in Delhi.

It’s windy, and without any kind of heating in our house, we huddle around inadequate little heaters and a tiny roll-around radiator, fighting with the dogs and cats for space closest to its little bit of warmth.  I am sitting in my office wearing 2 fleeces + a hot water bottle on my knees, and yet I am still frozen.  I am trying to drink a mug of rooibos tea as I type – anything to keep warm.

It is impossible, when you feel this cold, to remember how brain-fryingly hot Delhi will be in just a few, short months.

The assassination of the Governor of Punjab shared the front page honours with the weather :

Our poor dogs –  well, not so poor, as you will see when you read on – move from their quilted baskets in the quarters to their quilted baskets in the house, and never move without their coats.

Let me explain.

Coats for Delhi dogs are commonplace in our short but harsh winters – I buy coats for my mutts at the unfriendly pet shop in Khan Market.  Whenever a coat gets a little too tattered, and a new one is required, the old ones go off for a street dog, usually via Jeevashram.  These days, as you wander around Delhi (not that’s its wandering-around weather, to be honest) you see many strays and street dogs dressed in obvious hand-me-downs, or with makeshift coasts made out of an old blanket or piece of sack.  It truly is very heart-warming to see this, and realise that there are enough people caring for the strays.

And before any misguided soul posts a comment about street dogs, these 2 are my mutts.  Yoda, who some of you know in person and others through cyber-space, and dear old Birdey, who isn’t much into walking or polo, so doesn’t feature much in the blog, poor thing.

My inaugural book review of 2011 is of the delightful novel “Locked Rooms” by Laurie R.King, so do please check it out on my other blog,

And today’s photo of the day is also flower-related, like yesterday’s.  I was so thrilled by Maeve and Madhuri’s replies to my query about marigolds, that I have posted a photo of rose petals today, in the hope I will elicit a similar response.

And before I go and get another cuppa to try and thaw out, I trust you don’t think I am trivialising the news from Pakistan, by twinning it with the weather report. It truly is shocking  and deeply news.  And all because the Governor was perceived to be too moderate.


  1. Madhuri

    Stumps me where the roses grow…. my mum has only ten rose bushes in her
    garden and I don’t think they grow fast enough for her to supply Delhi its
    offerings or Dehradun!! I know her hibiscus tree/hedge gets raided on a regular basis
    by the residents on her street, for offerings to the local temples… she doesn’t mind
    “helps the tree to produce more flowers and I get good karma!” she says.

    BTW…I can recommend UGG boots to keep the cold off. I was given a pair for Christmas and
    I am thrilled with them especially in sub zero temps.. no I don’t live in Siberia, but the USA
    and the winters here are postively freeze your bum,nose,toes and fingers off winters. Infact
    I quickly found out that my English winter clothes weren’t going to keep me warm at all!! BUT UGG boots… you got those on.. and you won’t need to wear anything else!!!! 😉

    1. christine

      i do hope you have made a New Year’s Resolution to comment every day, my dear, ‘cos love your remarks. I can almost picture your mother’s garden. In the meantime, keep warm. We are frozen here in Delhi, but I tell myself in a few short months we will be wilting in the heat. Seems hard to imagine right now, though

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