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February 21st, 2011

Fair Trade, not Fair and Lovely

I found this article interesting and containing welcome news, i.e. that the concept of Fair Trade has come to India.

Although it would appear that there is a long, long way to go until the concept is out there and accepted, any step in the right direction is to be welcomed.

However…yet again, I am sorry but I have to carp at such indifferent reporting.  Didn’t the intrepid reporter think it would be just a teeny-weeny bit useful to tell us where we can buy this Shop for Change merchandise ?

And I love the idea that people think Fair Trade is a skin-lightening product…

And, finally, does the verb “contemporise” actually exist ?  I have my doubts.

2 comments to Fair Trade, not Fair and Lovely

  • Maeve

    Hmm – contemporise felt very familiar to my Yankee sensibilities so I set off on an internet (and paper dictionary) hunt and found it sure enough. According to Merriam Webster it means simply “to make contemporary”. This word, spelled to my mind with a “z”, has been around for quite a while too, first spotted in the mid 1600s. Here’s a more um, contemporary, sighting:

    “Contemporizing and extemporizing in ways that make Diary of a Bad Year feel very unlike a novel and more like diffuse commentary, Coetzee has created a clever superstructure filled with philosophical self-interrogation on questions of political, artistic and erotic moralities…” Art Winslow, Los Angeles Times

  • christine

    Thanks Maeve. It’s that 2 nations divided by a common language thingy again…

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