Monday musings

Monday musings

The winter and spring time in Delhi  are the perfect time to visit and to live here. The weather is perfect, the monuments and gardens look fabulous, and each weekend is punctuated by one of Delhi’s little known treats – polo.

Yesterday, sad to say,  was one of the last games of the season.

It took place a little outside Delhi, over the state boundary in Haryana.   You zip along our new highway, effect a cunning U-turn on said highway, backtrack 5 km, and then turnoff into what is suddenly rural India. Small crowded roads, tractors, villagers  walking alongside their camels – and then suddenly the manicured, perfect polo field of the Haryana Polo Club.

This is one of the joys of living here – the constant contrasts, and the coexistence of different ways of living.

While the weather remains so good,  I am playing at being a tourist,  because it is all too easy to live in a city and never actually get around to visiting it properly. So Saturday saw me watching the ceremonial changing of the guard outside Rashtrapati Bhavan,  the residence of the President of India. And yesterday morning I went on a guided walk through Tughlaqabad Fort,  which I haven’t visited in well over 20 years. There is lots of construction going on around the fort, and the journalist-cum-historian who lead the walk showed us the amount of illegal encroachments on the periphery of this fabulous 13th century citadel.

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