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April 14th, 2011

Britain & unpaid Commonwealth Games bills

I was sort of spring-cleaning my desk today, and lo and behold (ooh, I do like that expression) – so, lo and behold – what did I find, but an article from a British paper about the wretched Commonwealth Games.

I had read it on my flight to South Africa, ear-marked it for the blog, schlepped it round SA, got back here, and within 2 weeks it was buried under all the clutter that gravitates to my desk…

So, a mere month late, here is yet another searing indictment of the Games.


This sort of thing does India’s image untold damage. But no-one seems unduly fussed.

And, by the way, isn’t that the most gorgeous photo ? Telling and shocking, agreed, but also gorgeous ‘cos the children have such amazing expressions.

Poor little darlings.

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