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May 8th, 2011

India & nemesis

We are living in very interesting times in India.

It seems as though, albeit v-e-r-y slowly, the law is finally catching up with those who are corrupt and/or inefficient and/or both.

Corporate bosses are in Tihar jail, here in Delhi, over the 2G scam.

A minister is in jail for the 3G scam.

Another minister is in court at the moment.

And all that inefficient mob who gobbled up the tax-payer’s money on shoddy Commonwealth Games work are also facing justice.

Those of you who followed my ranting and raving about the waste and inefficiency of the Games preparations may well remember that I booed Suresh Kalmadi with great glee and gusto, along with all the rest of the crowd, at the Opening (and Closing) ceremonies, great though those individual events were.

Said Mr. Kalmadi has been ducking and diving and weaving ever since the Games, but hey presto, he is now in the slammer.  Only for 2 weeks, admittedly, but it is a delicious start.

I will keep you posted…

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