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May 21st, 2011

Sycophancy is alive and well and living in India

To inaugurate this new section of the blog, which will feature my Indian Ad of the Day –  be it daft, funny, outrageous, clever, whatever – I give you Incredible Rajiv.

Today, for the uninitiated is the 20th death anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi, a former Prime Minister.  But, as is always the case whenever there is any big day affecting the Gandhi family, vast sums of we, the taxpayer’s money, is wasted on huge newspaper ads.

It makes me see red, I tell you.  Use my tax rupees for education, sanitation, hospitals –  not for eulogising a dead Prime Minister.

And as for diluting the otherwise successful “Incredible India” slogan like this – downright shameful.


But the sycophants who dreamed up this slogan haven’t though it fully through.

They will, of course, be able to use it for Indira Gandhi – Incredible Ind!ra

Also for Sonia Gandhi – Incredible Son!a

Ditto for Priyanka Gandhi –  Incredible Pr!yanka

But how are they going to eulogise  the i-less Jawarharlal Nehru ?  Or Rahul Gandhi ?

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