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May 21st, 2011

Incredible Raj!v. Incredible sycophancy. Incredible waste of money

I had fully intended a long, insightful blog post today into this, that and a dash of t’other, but between lazing around enjoying the rain today (oh joy of joys) and writing an article about Himachal for a magazine, and taking the injured club dog to the vet with Devyani, the day has sort of run away with me.

And so, instead of insight, you are going to get a good old-fashioned rant.

It’s been another of Those Days again today.

One of those cringe-making days when India outdoes itself in sycophantic outpourings towards the Gandhi family.  OK, to be fair, it’s not India per se, rather her government, but the net result is that my/yours/our tax rupees get squandered on this nauseating spectacle, year after year after year, be it Rajiv or his mother or his grandfather’s birth/death anniversary.

A collective outpouring of money that should be spent properly rather than wasted like this.

Our money, the country’s money.

Does anyone have a figure for how much all this sycophancy costs ?  I would dearly love to know.

Here is the roll-call of shame.

Full page

3/4 of double page spread

1/2 page

another 1/2 page

This one below particularly got my goat, with its cheapening of the otherwise catchy Incredible India slogan, and it became my inaugural post in my new Ad of the Day section.

another full page

And now for the last ad, at least as per my Times of India.  There are even more in the Hindustan Times, but I am sure you have got the whole nauseating picture by now.

So let me rather tell you what happened when I wearily turned the page and saw this drivel below –  “Switching on India. ”


Right first time.

The power went off.

Cross my heart and hope to die.

There is clearly a God up there with a wry sense of humour.

3 comments to Incredible Raj!v. Incredible sycophancy. Incredible waste of money

  • sunil

    Many years ago, when Sir Anerood Jugnauth was PM, and a very good one at that, an idiot called Dhandev Bahadoor (not one of yours), who ran an NGO called Human service Trust, which incidentally does some good work, touched the bottom when he referred to SAJ as “ène tigite pli piti qui Bon Dié” translated as “just a little lower than God”. Not to be outdone, Indur Ramphul, as Governor of the Bank of Mauritius, brought out a Rs 20 Rupee note with Lady Sarojini Jugnauth’s face on it. The note met with its expected fate, with a slew of profanities written and transmitted from person to person, and was soon removed from circulation.

  • christine

    Sunil, this is hilarious ! May I appoint you my official Mauritian blogwala ?

  • sunil

    By all means. I have been meaning to write an occasional column here, but my eye problems got in the way. Grafts clear, but latest is an inflammation of glands below the eyelids. I never get the same problem twice, but it seems that I get all of them once.

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