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July 26th, 2011

Gosh, I am so relieved about that nice Mr. Kalmadi

So it seems, prima facie, that Mr.Kalmadi may not have dementia after all.

I am genuinely happy for him (see my earlier blog post this morning, if you think I am being ironic).  I know too much about dementia to wish it even on anyone.  Really.

So now I await his trial for corruption with unabashed excitement.

2 comments to Gosh, I am so relieved about that nice Mr. Kalmadi

  • It was too pat: one day he was being charged, the next, hey presto – look – dementia. I have a very strong feeling that his lawyer has cooked up this charge as a way of getting him out of his sentence. I genuinely believe that and I am not trying to be corny about someone’s illness. A few people actually do allow themselves to be detected with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder in order to commute a prison sentence. And Kalmadi’s was too precipitate to be believable.

  • Anjulie

    Err not to give the impression that whoever is investigating this is clueless, but while there are many tests, you can’t definitively make a diagnosis of dementia without a biopsy.. MRI scans are always far from conclusive, so the headline is hardly surprising.

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