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About Christine & her diary


I am an India-based, foreign “Overseas Citizen of India”, and I have Indian Government papers to prove it.

I am British, married to my Indian husband, Himmat Kalsia, which cunningly makes me an Overseas Citizen.

Even though I live here.

Can’t vote. ┬áCan pay taxes.

After a life of expat wanderings, we moved back to Delhi lock, stock & menagerie in 2005, to our forever home.  During our expo years we lived in France, Mauritius and South Africa, countries which, understandably, do feature a lot in my writing.

I write. I run marathons. I climb mountains. And I’m a photographer, represented by several stock libraries.

And, of course, I blog – here in my Delhi Diary and also in my 3 other blogs (here, here and here).

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