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March 22nd, 2020

My Delhi (virus) Diary. 22nd March 2020

Well, this has been the strangest Mother’s Day ever.

Confined to barracks, children miles away, 16 hour curfew which, before it was even over, became full lockdown for the rest of the month.

Yeah, as Mother’s Days go, this was pretty underwhelming.

I shared the news about the lockdown with you here, but to give it some context, let me tell you how this odd day devolved.

The Prime Minister had announced a voluntary 14 hour “People’s Curfew”, which was pretty much followed, all over the country.

All day long, amazing images kept pouring in of empty streets and […]

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March 22nd, 2020

Delhi is locked down

What a day!

After blissful silence all day, at 4.55 (why 4.55, by the way, and not the announced 5pm?) people started clapping, & banging pots & pans, & ringing temple bells – as requested by the Prime Minister – to thank health care workers.

No comment.

A short time after this, the Delhi Chief Minister announced that the city is in lockdown.

Since this is such a rapidly moving scenario, I’m simply going to share the following, from the India Today website.

I am sure there’ll be updates and developments tomorrow.

Meanwhile this is how things stand here […]

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March 22nd, 2020

The unexpected, unbelievable sound of silence

India is in the middle of a day-long “Janta Curfew” or “People’s Curfew”.

All over the country, everything is closed down.

As in everything.

No transport.

No traffic.

No flights.

No one is out on the streets.

It is quite extraordinary.

There are photos galore on social media – from authorised journalists, from people filming from their balconies – of a totally quiet country, of a country of empty streets.

Mumbai’s Marine Drive – empty.

The Worli SeaLink – empty.

Delhi’s Connaught Place – empty.

For such

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March 22nd, 2020

My Delhi (virus) Diary. 21st March 2020

Are your days all beginning to resemble each other?

Merging into one?

Or is it just me?

As I’ve told you here in previous blogs, before all this social distancing started, we already led exceptionally dull, quiet lives anyway.

I’m married to someone who hates going out, so mostly we don’t.

We are both retired, we work from home, and for days on end, in “normal” times, my life was only punctuated by running group.

Then, for reasons too tedious to rehash, last year most people left running group/coaches came/coaches went/the sessions reduced to just once a week […]

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